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Before looking further, please take a minute to watch this video. where Sandy explains an important feature to help victims/survivors.

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Sandy Johnston

Abundant Life Coach, Consultant, and an Energetic Healer

Whether you are a victim or a survivor of an abusive relationship, or someone who identifies as being a victim of circumstance and you want to take back control of your life. Sandy works with women from all walks of life, no matter what their past experiences.

Host of the Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast

A go-to podcast,

Helping victims and survivors of abuse to heal, recover, reinvent, restore and rebuild.

 Perhaps you can relate to this...

If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you may need someone else to shine the light.

Journeying alone can be super challenging, that's why Sandy journey's with you to help you take the challenging steps you need to make when you want to take back control of your life and go from survivor to success.

She meets you wherever you are on your journey in life and walks by your side as you transition and transform your life.

Helping you go from victimhood to empowered queen in your own realm.


A variety of services tailored to you, your needs, and circumstances....

- One on One -
- Coaching - Consulting - Energetic Healing -

Start Here
Complimentary Discovery Call

If you are thinking about working with Sandy with coaching and consulting or energetic healing this complimentary call is my gift to you and is a great place to start to explore how Sandy can help you. 
No charge, no obligation.


Tiara Coaching/Consulting Session 
The aim is to help you accelerate your progress to help you rise to your highest value.
Helping you to blast through blocks and limiting beliefs.
Motivating you to take positive action to transform your life.
To find out more, visit the Work With Me Page.

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Diamond Energetic Healing Session 
The aim is to help you heal from the inside out, to help you shine your brightest, and for you to be your most brilliant.
When you change your energy, you change your life. 
To find out more visit the Work With Me Page.

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Group Online Workshop
Rediscover the Treasures Within You

How to Increase Your Self-Worth and Increase Your Net Worth

This workshop is designed to help you remember your innate worth, to help you become more abundant in all areas of life.


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6-8 December
9 - 10 am AEST
Don't Miss Out

- Thrive & Triumph Transformation Program -
This six month program is designed to help you get unstuck from the things that have been holding you back.
And to break free from limiting beliefs
And help fast track your healing and recovery journey over 15 transformational sessions,
So that you can go from victimhood to the empowered queen in your realm. ,
And best of all, seeing you rise to your highest value to be open to attract and receive abundance in all forms.

And live a rich and rewarding life.

In Your Life

And Realise
Your Dreams
By Becoming
The Empowered Queen

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-Tailored services to meet individual needs -
- Before you transform, you must transition -


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Energetic Healing & Coaching Session

I had the pleasure of receiving a coaching and healing session from Sandy.


She has a beautiful essence in the way she works, she truly sees and understands you in the now.


I gained a lot of clarity and guidance which I am grateful for.


The healing was so powerful, and I truly felt the positive shifts within my body which came at the perfect timing.


She really is gifted at this. I would highly recommend working with Sandy.


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Energetic Healing Session

Sandy is a total professional in her niche as an absolute empath to who she works with and our healing session was so potent and powerful to me.


Being a survivor and now a thriver to abuse, she resonated deep with my healing journey and would recommend anyone to reach out to her.


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Coaching & Consulting

I want someone that’s going to be real and tough on me so to speak and speak the hard truth into my life.


She is truly a gem.


You can tell she really "gets it", she’s "been there".


Every conversation and comment is full of wisdom and coated with sincere love. She is a woman of courage and compassion to no end.


Her love of women, helping women to heal and being the best version of themselves is amazing.


She's changed the course of my life.


Most of us know by now life can be painful messy and beautiful.


I am beyond blessed and grateful to be on this journey in life with her and sharing our journey together on this Earth.

Senior Woman


No Evening Session
For December



Listen to the Podcast

The Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast is designed to be a safe space for women to heal and grow.

If you are one of the one in three women who has been hurt by some form of abuse in a relationship then this Podcast may be able to help you feel less alone in what you are going through.

One of the reasons women find it so hard to break free from abusive relationships is because they become disconnected from others and are often left alone to suffer in silence. 

We hope that you will find some refuge here as you listen to each episode and become empowered to rise above the challenges you face and ultimately regain control over your life. 

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Rise Up Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Private Facebook Group is exclusively for women to help women connect, and find support, encouragement and inspiration. 

This page is abundant in free support. 

This group is linked to the Podcast Tiaras Tears and Triumphs.

If you would like to be a part of this growing community of women, just like you request to join

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Please accept some gifts for you to help you rise to your highest value.

When we feel appreciated enough to be given a gift it gives us a lift just knowing that someone else cares about us.

We aim to make sure that you don't leave this site empty handed.

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Our aim is to make sure you feel you are worth it, that you are appreciated and that you are loved.

Sandy's Keys to Success

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-The Path That Led Me Here-

Image by Chris Galbraith


As many as 1 in 3 women have been through some form of abuse within a relationship and 99% of these women have been financially abused. Sometimes this abuse can become extreme, I am one of those women.

Now that I am free, I am able to reach out to other women like me.


I am using my voice to speak up and speak out about relationship abuse. This complex and distressing issue is too important for me to stay silent.

Too many innocent women and children can and do suffer terribly in silence.


You may be feeling completely overwhelmed by what is happening in your life.

Whatever help you need; you will want to keep the solutions as simple as possible.

I may not have all the answers, but my hope is that I can help you become re-empowered to take the steps to regaining control over your life.

I can provide some basic manageable tools and techniques to help you get moving in the right direction and guide you to your new life.


You may feel like you are on your own: feeling scared, vulnerable, isolated, exhausted, anxious, depressed, and alone.

You may be feeling trapped by circumstances and stuck in a cycle from which you can’t seem to break free.

If you would like some help, I am here for you.

I see you, I hear you, I value you!

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