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Sandy J

Thank you for taking a few moments to find out a bit about me.

For a long time I was trapped in a cycle of abuse and I felt completely overwhelmed and dis-empowered by my circumstances...

Taking action to try and bring about change was often very challenging and came with a level of risk and always had a consequence...

What I discovered and what I live by can be summed up in one simple prayer...

Image by Yann Le Comte

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me


The Serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change,

The Courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr

This prayer is provided to be inclusive and respectful of personal spiritual beliefs and is given in the context of being the God of your understanding. 

Some facts about me.

My journey through life has led me to have a strong desire to help others going through confronting circumstances.

I have had countless disruptions to my personal and professional development over the year's because of dysfunction, abuse and breakdowns in relationships.

I have walked down many different paths searching for answers to the issues which have caused me a great deal of heartache and pain over the course of my life. 

For this reason I have always been a soul searcher and I have looked deeply into the how's and the why's behind the struggles we all face in life.


For me it has always been more than simply looking into personal development. It has been a deep earnest search for wisdom. 


My focus has been on how I can lead a meaningful life and how I can make some contribution towards making the world a better place. 

It is my belief that the world needs thinkers, problem solvers, creators, innovators and inventors more so than ever before. I believe we are in a time where we need to evolve to recognize that we are all inter-linked.

For this reason we need to do what is in our power to be proactive and purposeful in our lives.

I believe that real value lies in what we do with what we have.


I am a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, recycle-er, gardener, treasure hunter, writer, presenter, and singer and everything I do revolves around valuing life, love and the importance of the human spirit.


My first purpose in life is to be a good and loving partner to my husband, and to my four wonderful children, and my 3 step-children and their partners and a loving grandmother to their children. 


My family are my greatest teachers, not just because they give me the motivation to be a good person and a responsible adult, but because they so brilliantly reflect the areas in my life in which I need to grow.

They remind me constantly of the importance of love, peace, kindness, joy, patience, faithfulness and self control.


Now to my other purpose in life which is driving me to reach out now, is my heartfelt desire to help others who are struggling.

I am a trained Life Mentor and rather than put on a Coaching label, I am a Facilitator of Life Transformation and a Mentor for the development in cultivating sustainable change.


I like to explore life’s ups and downs, and it is my aim to help people and women more particularly, feel more empowered when they are going through challenging times. 


I do believe we are all here to shine a light on each other to help one another see a good path we can take to lead us somewhere better.


It gives me great joy to make meaningful connections with people and help them to feel seen, heard and valued.


My work revolves around the value in taking small manageable steps, to bring about positive and sustainable change.


My personal journey is found in my book, THE KEY, currently awaiting publishing.


Thanks for reading a bit about me.


I wish you well on your journey through life.

Sending you lots of love and light.

Life Transformation Facilitator, Podcaster, Author