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Sandy's Keys to Success

Are you tired of treading water, getting nowhere and trying to stay afloat?


Let me help you face your challenges head on.

It’s ok to get support, life can be overwhelming sometimes.

Allow me to help you find the courage you need to take steps to go from surviving, and striving,

To ultimately rising and thriving when you regain control over your life.

Together we can work through getting your life back on the right track.

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Sandy's Keys to Success

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Private One on One 

Coaching/Consulting  or Energetic Healing Sessions

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Energetic Healing


My aim is to help you heal from the inside out in a safe, caring and serene environment, to help you shine your brightest and for you to be your most brilliant.

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My aim is to help you rise to your highest value, by meeting you where you are at and finding the treasure within, to help you go from surviving to success.

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My Gift is discovering hidden treasure. And this translates to people, not just things.


With the challenges life presents it is easy to lose sight of our inherent value.


My tailored one-on-one sessions are designed to help you heal from the pain and trauma of the hurts you have experienced and bring out the best and most beautiful and brilliant version of yourself.

Diamond Energetic Healing Session


If you are new to energetic healing, I come from the school of Pranic Healing and have certificates in many levels of Pranic Healing. Pranic comes from the word prana, and prana essentially means energy. You do not have to be of any school of faith for this healing to be effective. The only thing required of you is to be open to receive a healing.

If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person this healing session may resonate well with you.

If you don't consider yourself to be a spiritual person, but you are open to trying a new form of healing which can help you on your recovery path, I encourage you to give this a try.

This form of healing work goes deeper and is more profound than working with mindset training, affirmations etc.

This level of healing and consciousness is capable of releasing negativity which may be weighing you down and manifesting in many areas of your life. When the negativity is cleared it enables you to feel lighter, brighter and feel a deep sense of inner peace.


Tiara Coaching Consulting Session


It truly does not matter where you are on your journey to begin working with a coach.


The ideal time to start working with a coach is that moment when you have reached a cross roads in your life and you can see that there is another path you could take in life.


Maybe you're not sure exactly what lies ahead on the new path in front of you and this uncertainty is holding you back from exploring this path.


And maybe you are more afraid of the unknown than you are of the life you are living, even when you are caught in a toxic environment, or you have outgrown the life you are living. Maybe you think you've put up with your circumstances for so long, maybe it's better to stick with the old familiar fear, anxiety and pain you have become so accustomed to.


Maybe you think that there will be a more ideal time when things are more manageable in your life to do some coaching work.


Maybe you don't feel you are worth this kind of investment in yourself.


There can be a never ending list of maybe's.


If you have gotten this far in reading this, then you are well on your way to doing the only thing you ever have to do in life to move forward.

All you need to do to go anywhere in life is to first give yourself permission to do something, and the power that this single act gives you is that of becoming empowered.

What you can expect to receive in this session is a tailored to you, where you are at, what your current circumstances are confidential, non-judgemental, relaxed, supportive, motivating coaching and consulting service.

We will work with small manageable steps, to keep you motivated and on track. 

This is a safe space to acknowledge the real-life challenges you may be facing, where you will be treated with respect, dignity, compassion and empathy.

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Discover the Treasures Within You Online Workshop



This workshop is designed to help you remember your innate worth, to help you increase your abundance in all areas of your life. 

6-8 September 2021
9.30 - 10.30 am AEST


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Thrive & Triumph Transformation Program

This program is designed to help you get unstuck from the things that have been holding you back.

And to break free from limiting beliefs

and help fast track your healing and recovery journey in a safe caring environment,

so that you can go from being a survivor to becoming a thriver in your life,

And best of all, seeing you rise to your highest value to be open to attract and receive abundance in all forms.

Increase Your Self-Worth to Increase Your Net Worth Online Workshop

This 3-day workshop consists of 3 x 1-hour Zoom sessions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a group healing experience.

The workshop includes fun activities and a group energy healing session.

It is a safe space to focus on healing by doing inner work to help you become stronger and more confident.

Thrive and Triumph Transformation Program

Before you can transform, you must first transition.

Watch this space... Available soon...


Special Consideration

Knowing what it is like to be in a vulnerable place financially, discounts may be available to those on welfare. Please enquire if this is something you need.


And don't forget there is a COMPLIMENTARY ONE OFF (NO CHARGE) Discovery call where you will receive help and support.

Plus there are lots of FREE GIFTS, check ou the FREE Website Page.

And don't forget the Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast is another FREE SOURCE OF INFORMATION, so please tune in.

What if I have no idea what I want to do?


Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find clarity about what you want to do.

I am very good at looking at critical needs and levels of risk.

If you are feeling pushed and pulled in every direction, that’s to be expected when life gets on top of you.

Did you know that when you are overwhelmed by the negative circumstances in your life, it is extremely hard to give any thought to what a happy positive choice looks like?

That’s why we all need to connect with others to help shine a light on what is possible when we feel like we are living darkness.

I know it’s hard to trust other people when you’re not sure of where you are going.

I can see things in you that you cannot see in yourself.

One lesson I have learnt in life is that CLARITY ALWAYS FOLLOWS ACTION. Whether we have done something right or wrong it will become clear once we have done it.

Giving ourselves permission to explore what might be possible can lead to great things.

Change takes courage, I’m here, you don’t have to do this on your own.

Do I only help women?


Although my heart is to help women who may have become dis-empowered by an abusive, or unhealthy relationship, I am also incredibly happy to help men too.

As many as 1 in 3 women has experienced some form of abuse in a relationship.

As many as 1 in 5 men has experienced some form of abuse in a relationship.

I care for people who are feeling trapped, or stuck, and this care has nothing to do with gender. I have no gender bias.

What’s my availability like? When can we begin?


We can usually start within a week to two weeks.

What if you are unhappy?


I would hope that I can gift you everything you need to take steps towards a life that is rich in purpose and fulfillment, so there should be no need for requests for refunds.


But to be fair, I do offer refunds on the one-on-one sessions (less the Paypal fee) if they are cancelled more than 24 hours ahead of the booking, otherwise, the session can easily be rescheduled to another mutually agreeable time. 


You are welcome to email me with ANY questions you might have after your session and I will happily provide feedback.